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The course structure and content is set according to the guidelines defined by the Medical Council of India ( MCI) . The first year is defined to the pre-clinical subjects – Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry . 1st Professional examination will be held on the completion of 1st year courses. In the next one and a half year, the student studies and is examined in Pathology , Microbiology , Pharmacology and Forensic Medicine . During this period he is also introduced to the clinical subjects through lectures and clinical postings by rotation. Examinations in the clinical subjects include written, clinical and oral parts.

According to the Indian council of Medicine, a candidate must have at least 75% attendance in clinical postings and lectures and also have secured at least 35% marks in the internal assessment to be eligible to be appear in the professional examination.

Intern-ship will be conducted after the completion of 4 years . This intern-ship programme is for one year. During this period, students provide the services into the Hospital as an junior Doctor.